24 May 2011

Gathering at Party World KTV!!

Had a Great day today as their a Gathering Held at Liang Court Party World KTV with Elson Soh & Bryan Teoh Together with othe Royal Artistes and EME!...

Know new friends around and Really enjoyed myself today at the Gathering!!!

Group photo of today!
See everyone holding a Cute Monkey!! Answer why will be release in June!! Stay Tune!

Must Support Party World at their outlet and from the gathering, June is a Meaningful month as many albums and events happening! So Hope everyone can stay tune together with Royal Artistes!!!

Thanks Kathleen from PartyWorld for the wonderful Venue and planning!:)

Off to sleep, Tomorrow another Brand New Day!!!

Good nights!

28 April 2011

Recording of My Song

Finally!!! My Song Recording is done! Hope when album is out, Must Support Us!

Thanks Elson Soh 苏奕铨 &William Boss for helping in producing this song! quite stress but afterall, It's worth it!!:)

Thanks Edwin 大哥 & Mr Osman and wife for coming down!
& Recording Studio boss: Ross for letting us use your studio and Sound Engineer:Brat!!

Thanks to Jessica Chua 蔡斯羽 & Yumi Beh 马慧珊 for coming down too!!!

Me & Yumi singles album will be out soon next month. Must give us your support:)


15 February 2011

The Wedding of the year for Royal!

13 February 2011 is a BIG day for our Artiste Manager : Serena Goh!!!

her wedding was held at Park Royal @ Beach Road.. Almost all Royal Performing Group/Artiste Group was there for her wedding.

Wish her a blessful marriage!

See Yumi & Dayan stand so far apart

Before the wedding we took a group shots!

See what is dayan looking at? His shock face...
HAHA Chicken Head.. "Someone" give it to me de!

24 January 2011

The New 2011.....

The 1st day of 2011!!! I was at Chinatown Point Performing for "Royal Welcome 2011 Concert @ Chinatown Point" Great honor to perform with almost all Royal Artistes & Performing Group!

I saw 2 of myself in the picture above! LOL... hehe! Same clothes!

With Royal Family... Missing in the picture is Bryan,Elson & Dayan!

16 January 2011

They are cute

on 9 Jan...

Hosted Four Season Showcase @ Bukit Timah Plaza...

After so long again i hosting and standing in Bukit Timah Plaza Stage again!!Thanks To Bukit Timah Plaza:)

Also I would like to thanks Team Salon for the wonderful Hairdo!:) Thanks Paco from Team Salon.With Performing group!

The above pic they are cute right? hehe:)
Recorded a CNY Video!!! Stay tune for it:)

Gonna go prepare for my showcase on 20 Jan @ Echo Loft:)..

Everyone have a great day ahead:)

14 January 2011


Sooo long haven't been blog le... i didn't 懒得去管 hor HAHA... Have been into this song recently...

A bad news for me la.. I have already signed up for NS... Medical Check up on 17 March... O.O:(

But date of entering ARMY is not confirm yet la.. still got very long to go...

But still i will need to focus on what i need to do... performance/song recording/etc... i told myself I can't emo for now... maybe near then emo is better!!! :)

Below is the lyrics i think it's NICE

孙燕姿 懒得去管歌词

唉 懒得去管

25 December 2010

Album & Competition

Elson Soh Debut album is out in store.....

But heard that some store is out of stock... If you have not purchase Elson Soh debut album... do make your way to Cd-Rama to purchase it.. You can proceed to Brasbrasah to buy.. as when you purchase 2 x album you will receive a Go Green T-shirt!!!!

"Saranghamnida" Singing Competition Registration is open!!!!

Check out www.youthbox.2ya.com to register!

Saranghamnida Music Video!!! Staring Elson Soh & Shanice Koh!